The Cap System (T.C.S.)

The complete solution for your business to produce and sell customised caps and other garments to your customers

Hats, Caps, Hoodies, Shirts, Polos, Towels, Shoes, and more.

We supply automatic, digitally controlled embroidery machines along with after-sales support.

Embroidered goods produce an unmatched quality when compared with prints due to the durability of embroidered designs. They will not fade.

Three choices to get your embroidery machine

Choose the way to go depending on your personal circumstances



Purchase your machine and start your own business straight away.

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Pay a monthly fee on a lease contract and focus only on production.

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Try the machine for 3 months on a profit sharing basis and then decide.

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Our showroom

We have both single and multi-head machines showing the numerous configurations and how machines can be tailored to your business.

We would be happy to demonstrate our machines capability to you on a garment of your choice.


Our Machines

Our machines feature 15 needles (each with a different, interchangeable colour thread) to enable complex embroidered designs.

The full colour LCD Touch Screen allows design creation and customisation from the machine itself as well as having the ability to upload designs directly from a computer to the machine.

A wide range of garments can be embroidered and although our machines are configured to embroider caps straight from the box, all the accessories required to embroider other garments are provided with each machine.

The single head machines are popular due to their flexibility and portability as the machine can either be placed on a table or on the stand with wheels included.


Need more capacity?

Although single head machines are our most popular, we can also supply machines with up to 20 heads (each with 15 needles) which will facilitate the embroidery of large-run orders.

Should you wish to target other businesses and embroider branded uniforms etc.


Computer Software

Our embroidery machines coupled with the dedicated digitising and design software allows users to easily create the most intricate designs.

The software can be used by both novice and advanced users. Three versions of the software are available to purchase depending on your requirements. Photos and graphics can be imported into the software and digitised.

T.C.S. embroidery machines can then embroider the exact design. The design analysis feature will calculate exactly the length of thread required to enable you to bill your customers depending on how much thread is used. Total embroidery time is also displayed to assist with planning and invoicing.


Maintenance / Training

T.C.S. after sales support can provide spare parts and accessories for your machines to ensure they continue to provide many years of uninterrupted stitching.

A toolbox is provided with every machine containing a comprehensive set of spares and the tools required to perform maintenance on your machine.

Initial training can be provided by T.C.S. to demonstrate how to care for the machine.


Run your design right from your computer


  • 1200 stitches per minute – finish faster
  • Machine can store up to 2 million stitches and 200 designs
  • Wide Cap Frame
  • Quiet Operation
  • Real Time Stitch Preview
  • Connect with your computer
  • Thread Break Detection
  • Colour touchscreen control
  • Easy to Transport
  • Automatic continuation after a power failure/thread break
embroidery machine


Embroidery Area
560 x 360 mm
Machine Size
83.82 x 76.2 x 160.02 cm including metal
90 Kgs
110V/60Hz & 200V/50Hz self-adaptable
Up to 1200 stitches per minute


Machine Stand, Operation Manual, Toolbox, Machine Oil & Spares.


The Cap System Local 14-A, Centro Comercial Biarritz, N340 Estepona 29680 (Malaga)

Tel: +34 669 935 633 | +34 951 566 193